Hello I'm Fiona (from Australia) and I'm a reformed Ailurophobic (aka someone who fears cats).   It's pretty silly to be scared of cats but I really was. I had this perception that all cats were unpredictable, clawing psychos. They had no redeeming features and I couldn't understand why any one would want to share their home with a one.

Luckily I managed to do a three-sixty! (hurrah!)
A little friend I met whilst traveling in Malaysia - how could I be scared of him!
I now love cats, I love taking their photos and I love finding cute cats things to share with you.
In April 2014 My boyfriend and I finally adopted own cat...

Our little Gremlin!

His name is Gremlin and he is so awesome, I thought I loved cats but it wasn't until bringing Gremlin home I realised just how super amazing they are (times infinity!) I'm constantly smooshing him and telling him that I love him:) *cheese alert high*

I'm not just about cats though, I'm an illustrator (burntfeather) a photographer, a blogger, a lover of big things. I've also been a chocolate factory worker, a teacher in Japan and a silk Japanese hairclip crafter, woah! Anyway, I hope this blog provides you with your cute cat fix....thanks so much for stopping by :)