Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Top 10 Cat Tatts 9


Another top 10 Cat tatts for you guys (I love doing these tattoo posts, there are so many creative artists out there to share!) 

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 Tattoo artist Katie Shocrylas is first up with some incredible cat pieces.  She also does awesome other tatts as well - I encourage you to check out her instagram (the sugar glider and giraffe definitely won my heart!)

She is also the lady behind this lady! We love Marie :)

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Next up some cat portraits. The left is by Katie again and the right by Dövme Dünyası Erol K

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 Carlos Ransom brings us that epic space kitty.  Not sure the artist for the maneki but I love the cute cartoon-esque look :)

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And lucky last some awesome cat face portraits. Neil Dransfield is behind the king cat, Nouvelle Rita did that wicked black lined cat and on the very end a piece by Savaş Doğan.

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