Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jarvis P. Weasley - the Cross Eyed Cat


Introducing Jarvis P. Weasley a rescue cat with some very distinctive eyes :)

Jarvis P. Weasley

His facebook profile and where all his photos today come from, reads, 

I was rescued from a shelter after being found on the mean streets of Oakland. I'm here because I'm just so incredibly handsome, but also to help bring awareness to others in need of assistance. I live with 4 others: "Maggie Mae", "Priscilla Prissy Pantalones, aka Zilla", "Miss Chuuch Mahoney" and "Marble Issimo" who pop up on occasion along with various foster critters My personal assistant is Dar (whom you can ignore when she tries to correct me) and my media manager is Kat (who is totally awesome!).

Daria Kelly aka Kat (his cat mum) even went as far to get a chest piece of her amazing dude :)

His facebook page is pretty funny, there is a lot of talk about him being a bit of a stud and some awesome photoshopping too!

You know that one time he met the Queen :P

We love you Weasley! 

Oh and if you're wondering where his name came from it's a cross between Jarvis Cocker (pulp front man) who sports some trademark glasses and ginger Ron Weasley from Harry Potter :)

 Where else to find Jarvis P. Weasley