Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Top 10 Cat Shirts


As someone that lives in tees this post was hard to do because I wanted to buy them all :P

 Doesn't Lazy Oaf have the best clothes! I mean in this post alone are three tees (I couldn't help myself!)

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 I need to learn more about this Japanese cat character because he is rad, he belongs to company Ne-net who also do other awesome designs!

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 Eep, told you there was more lazy oaf, how amazing is their Garfield collab!

Just realised this dude is sold out but perhaps inspiring some DIYS? love the red and black on the sleeves and the red bow :)

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Some more ne-net designs :) (my new obsession!)

Whoever came up with this designs I need to hug, a cat in a rubber ring, with holographic sunnies all on a striped tee *dies*

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And finally, I saw that awesome purple haired girl, loved her awesome/ridiculous and tacky shirt and had to track down where she got it.  Good new is that I found it for you guys!

We can all sleep easy tonight :P


  1. Garfield 4ever <3 first cat love of my life, immediate identification with senseless creature who loves lasagna and sleeps ahaha
    the last two are wonderful <3
    Actually i already have a big collection of cat themed shirts :D

    1. This comment makes you an extra cool person Sara! Also I had lasagna for dinner and love sleeping :) :)