Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Top 10 Cat Cakes - Part 2

With Gremlin's half birthday tomorrow (eep he's already 6 months old) I thought it would be fun to post some awesome cat cakes! I'm sorry if these make you ridiculous hungry for cake like they did for me! (advanced warning alert!!!!)

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 I love how simple and perfect that cat cake on the left is and the clever use of sparklers as whiskers! The cake over on the left may be a bit of a joke cake (I found it on reddit) with the caption that the cake was made by his Grandma for her 69th birthday - despite any inappropriate implications I love it's ying yang awesomeness!

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 Cheshire Cat! Having played a (tiny teeny) bit with fondant I cannot fathom how they got their cakes looking so perfect!

 Grumpy cat cake! you can learn how to make this guy over here. (the video is totes adorable)

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 Another more classical grumpy cat cake and another nice spin on the cat cake via Tide Water and Tulle

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 Some killer character cakes - Tom and Jerry and Garlfrield!

And saving my favourite for last, the Cat Bus from Totoro!

Do you guys have a favourite?
You can check out my previous cat cake entry over here.


  1. eeeeep 6 months! Happy mid-birthday Gremlin! My friend Anna is quite an artist with fondant cakes so I'll send her this post to inspire her for their cat Ranma's birthday :)

    1. ahhh is she? I've always got super high praise for people that can make fondant even look semi smooth!