Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stockings the backward leg cat

I love this story of Stockings (the backward leg cat) because it has a super happy ending!

stockings the backward leg cat

Stockings was born with a birth defect that left his back legs hyperextended backwards.  Brought into Chicago's Tree House Humane Society when he was just a few weeks old, they decided to proceed with potentially risky surgeries to give Stockings the best quality of life he could have.  Dr. Steve Neihaus an orthopedic veterinarian ended up performing three procedures on stockings that took six weeks in total and successfully enabled stockings be able to work and run without pain - source

Below is a video that shows Stockings pre-surgery.

The good news is that not only were the surgeries a success, Stockings also got adopted to a forever home by one of the vet's tech Priscilla Cherry. Below you can watch a video where Priscilla talks about adoption Stockings, about tree house and like me, may also leave you with those happy goosebumps!


  1. I love inspiring stories about special needs pet. Stockings is quite the cutie!

    1. definitely warms the heart for sure!