Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Koshka the cat from Afghanistan


This week's story is super sweet, at the core it's about a cat and a human who were able to help each other in tough time. 
First shared over at Oregon Live .

koshka afghanistan cat

The story goes that when Sergent. Jesse Knott met Koshka (Russian for “cat”) the cat was just four months old, living in Afghanistan.  Knott gave Koshka extra attention when he noticed signs of the the cat being mistreated.  Despite the US military rule of not allowing pets, Knott made it his personal mission to look after Koshka. 

Koshka was then able to repay the favour when Knott went through his own dark period; losing two mates to a suicide bombing on a patrol that he was originally meant to be on himself, a marriage falling apart and thoughts of suicide - Koshka stepped in and gave Knotts hope by not leaving his side :)

Knotts made it his mission to get Koshka safely back to Oregon.  With the help of a local interpreter, who was able to travel with Koshka to Kabul (risking his life in doing so) and then the further help of the Afghan Stray Animal League in coordinating the flight plus Knott's Mother, Koshka made the journey successfully.  I should point out his lovely Mum helped raise the $3000 in transport fees by selling a line of cat patterns, being a quilter by trade - how awesome!

The Oregon Humane Society honored Koshka and Knott with a Diamond Collar Award - "recognising both pets and people for remarkable achievements and a chance to celebrate the heroic stories that exemplify how important pets are in our lives". - Source

Koshka currently lives with Knott's Mum (super mum!) who says Koshka is sweet but demanding of playtime as he's "stuck in this perpetual kittenhood" :P Sign of a happy cat I think!

You can follow Koshka on facebook here.


  1. What a gorgeous story! Thank you for sharing. xx

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    1. aww Mariko! btw that took me shamefully too long to work out :P

  3. oh god this gets me emotional <3 <3