Thursday, August 14, 2014

Crocheted Hats for your Cat!

No doubt one of Meredith's crocheted creations has made it to the blog before but I wanted to overload you with them today because they're too cute/funny not too!  Meredith has an etsy shop called I heart Needle Work where you can find all her handywork :) 

Onwards to the awesome cat hats *raises sword*

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A Santa kitty and Christmas tree! Orders are now at the 6-7 mark for production (maybe longer) - so don't say I didn't warn you if you want to get in before Christmas!

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 If that time frame is too long she does have the pattern available for the pilgrim hat or you could pretend the wait isn't that long and hold out for her to make you the wizard!

I think Rapunzel is my favourite although I'm sure those lovely plaits would be a lovely fun/play distraction for your cat 
(read: asking to be destroyed)

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 Despite being an Aussie I still grew up with American tv shows so I have a soft spot for anything Thanks Giving related - I also have a soft spot for pom poms and party hats (are you with me?)

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 Is your cat a brave warrior kitty or perhaps has recently excelled in the academic field? 
Meredith has your cat covered (literally!)

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Weeee such fun! Now the only hard bit is convincing your cat of the same :P


  1. The viking helmet and the wizard's hat kill me. Might have to make an order for the furbabes...

  2. rad hey! and hopefully because most of the designs lets the cat's ears stick out comfortably, cats would be semi okay to keep them on (for a short time at least :P)

  3. Yay at rapunzel! hahahaha but you are right those long braids will be too tempting to play ;)

  4. Aghhh! so cute. I am totally going to get some for our annual christmas photo.

    1. oh my gosh that would be insanely awesome!