Friday, August 29, 2014

52 week project 8/25


This week gremlin got de-sexed via the magic of a simple injection leaving him with a missing tuft of fur. 

A Portrait of Gremlin, once a week, every week for the rest of the year

 I was hoping it would be the miracle cure to the recent bird death but in fact the very day he came home from the vet he got another bird (who thankfully flew away this time).  Adding two more bells on his collar and keeping to his strict curfew didn't solve the problem either. This story has a hopefully super happy ending. It's early days yet but after using a product known as the cat bib Gremlin hasn't brought in any more birds. I want to review the product in full after we have trialed it a bit more but I'm already feeling super hopeful of its success. Making him an indoor kitty was definitely on the cards but I'm glad to have found a compromise that can keep everyone happy :)

 Expect pictures of this hilarious bib to come and his (horrible) new tattoo Queensland laws force de-sexed pets to have. criminal!