Friday, July 18, 2014

The 52 Project 2/25


This week's photo was taken as part of my Pikmin Cat Costume DIY.  You can find instructions, on how to make yours, over here (courtesy of the lovely blog, The cat, you and us) and you can see more pictures of Gremlin in the costume, here!

Pikmin Gremlin - 52 week project
 "A Portrait of Gremlin, once a week, every week for the rest of the year" 

I think by now he has realised I'm a little weird but graciously just goes with the flow - thanks Gremlin.

This week he fell into the pool though I suspect not his first time as he likes to live on the edge and quite literally on the edge of the pool - leading to heart stopping moments for me! Strangely though, after witnessing the pool event (I was too slow getting there), I felt better about his dare devil activities and proved a reminder to remember cat's inbuilt ability to get themselves out of danger. I also marvelled that it was over in 2 seconds and he managed not to get his head wet.

I always thought if he did fall in, he would run inside and get me, wet and meowing but instead he rolled around in some dirt and carried on with the day.   I also assumed I'd need to bath him but later in the day when he came back in he was super fluffy and clean.  I remember Ben asking if I had bathed him one day before (I hadn't) but now I think perhaps that too was a pool accident.  He's a dude for sure.


  1. in love with this cat <3 look at the pose!

    1. I'm definitely grateful to have a cat who is easy to photograph :)