Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sienna The Glove Thief


Sienna is a calico cat and is the Burnaby Glove thief!
Sienna has stolen more than 50 gloves in her hometown of Burnaby before owner Dawn Palmer worked out the gloves were from a local construction site.

burnaby glove thief cat

The Palmers (according to this article) have had Sienna for year and say she is no stranger to bringing home gifts (birds, rats, mice and moles) but now that she has gotten a little plumper, choose the gloves as gifts, as they're "easy prey" :P  Dawn first thought the gloves belonged to her son but soon realised there were just too many.  The final giveaway was seeing Sienna gift a glove in the flesh leading Dawn to ask her neighbours and eventually gifting the gloves back to their owners :)

I love this story! I think it's super sweet that a cat wants to bring (inanimate) presents for it's owners.

  Now Sienna gets to joins the ranks of our other famous Klepto Kitties - Zaza and Dusty!

You can also watch a video of Dawn and Sienna here!


  1. Haha that's so awesome! I'd prefer gloves over dead mice anytime

    1. me too! Still sweet without being gross :)

  2. ahahhahaha so good when cats do weird stuff :D

  3. Hahahaha! Burnaby is actually my hometown! I remember my friends sending me this article. And actually, when I lived there with my parent we had a cat named Tiko that used to bring us blue socks instead of animal prey. Sometime blue underwear or toys, but always blue. Go figure.

    1. Is it?? wow so cool :) Blue socks and underwear and toys - eep - where is your article Mariko! You got jibbed!!!