Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lucky Cat Capsule Toy by Konatsu

Gosh I love the store Rotofugi They're an online store who sell toys and a whole bunch of other rad stuff. Since I collect key chains, have an unhealthy obsession with cats and I love Gachapon (capsule toys) I couldn't resist buying a cute maneki keychain even if shipping fair outweighed the item's cost (yup living in Australia has it's downfalls).

 Rotofugi also have exceptional service, so I wouldn't hesitate buying from them again :)

You can see all the other cute keychains in the series. They seem to only have the gold and silver cats left in store and the middle guys - a dog and a fox.

Of course fee went with a pink maneki :P

Checking out the Rotofugi site is a dangerous practice, I just saw a negora (kitty monster) keychain for sale and these insane nauseous cats!


  1. I actually love the puking kitty, haha! :D

  2. WOW CUTE CAT TOY thank you for sharing this, that phonehanger is way too perfect.

    1. :) definitely is a happy edition to my collection!