Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dot the Cat born with Spina Bifida


Today we get to meet a super special needs cat called Dot.  Dot was taken on by Tabby's Place in 2011 who promote themselves as being a cage-free sanctuary that provide refuge to cats in hopeless situations. Tabby's Place takes on shelter cats scheduled for euthanasia with a majority of their cats having special needs.  I'll put a link to at the bottom of this post to their donation page as they really do such amazing work.   
Dot the cat with Spina Bifida

In 2013 Dot was adopted out but you can still follow Dot's updates via her fb page with Dot's Mum, Norma sending through photos and updates regularly :) Lisa a volunteer at Tabby's place runs the page and with great love!

All photos for this post were taken from her fb page.

Dot's fb about page it reads,

Little Dot was born with Spina Bifida, a rare birth defect that results from the inability of the vertebral arch to fuse normally. This occurs during pregnancy, when the fetus is still in the embryonic stage. This has left little Dot without the use of her hind legs, and rendered her incontinent, and does need help expressing her bowels and bladder, but she doesn't know she is any different and her spirits have not been dampened.

Due to her incontinence she has to wear pants for protection specially made by Fancy Pants 4 Pets with some super cute designs :)

In 2013 Dot (also affectionately known at Dottie and Dotness) was adopted to her forever home. No stranger to special needs kitties, this family had previously adopted two special needs cats from Tabby's Place, Gabriella a cat with cerebellar hypoplasia (causing lack of balance and control) and Tashi a paraplegic cat who unfortunately passed away at the start of this year.  It makes me smile to know there are people out there adopting special needs cats and providing such loving homes for these guys :)

Judging by the facebook updates Dot is doing amazing with Norma's family with her two sons and three other cat friends, Gabriella, Priscilla and Sammy - much company and love! Dot did get an infection a month back but by all reports she is doing great now :)

Dot also uses her walker everyday which helps her get around with more ease

And a few videos below of Dot in action not letting her disability disable her :)

To donate to Tabby's Place head here (with a variety of options to choose from)


  1. thank god for this generous giving people that welcome cats like this and give them a home!

    1. I know, it's sooooo beautiful :)