Monday, July 7, 2014

Cat Video Monday: Sloth and Cat Friends

Hey guys - I fell off the face of the Earth for a while there but I'm back with some slightly re-vamped daily cat cuteness. Monday is going to be cat videos and what better place to start than with Sloth Prince and Daisy the Cat. 

Now it's a 4 minute video of intense sloth loving cat cuteness and if you have time watch it all - it's amazing! But if you only have a few seconds, go to these highlights now!

1:25 Sloth Prince gets both hands in on the scratch!
2:00 Sloth gets some love too via a human scratch :)
2:20 Sloth goes full cute and sniffs Daisy's ear
3:10 Poor Daisy gets a bit more than she bargained for with those claws (that's one tolerant cat)
3:20 My fav - the crazy cuddle. I kind of think daisy is like "hey buddy you're getting too clingy" but intense cuteness all the way!

(it's good to be back finally!)