Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bootsy the Anime Cat


Bootsy is our weekly Internet Cat, made famous when she was posted on Reddit with the caption
"This is Bootsy. She looks like an anime cat." 

bootsy the anime cat
A second post on reddit appeared with a link to an album with pics of Bootsy and her sister Shiny, which I'm sharing today :) 

The first caption of Bootsy reads, "Bootsy is my brothers Siamese, living in China. She has a crazy sister called Shiny, who is equally pretty."

 Bootys and Shiny enjoying their hammock together :)

 Shiny on the left - bootsy on the right

 cuddle time- awwww!

 Bootsy with her amazing anime eyes!

All photos taken from here

Aren't they just the sweetest cats I love how snugly they are together!


  1. I love saucer eyed cats. Kala is pretty good at it, with shiny green eyes.

    1. She does have perfect eyes for it :)