Friday, April 11, 2014

Sanrio - Ichigoman

Did you know Hello Kitty has an alter ego that she turns into? Well I sure didn't :P

Yuko Yamaguchi (pictured above) the original designer of Hello Kitty, drew the character Ichigoman (strawberryman) for an art exhibition and Sanrio subsequently jumped on board from there.  The story goes that Hello Kitty transforms into Ichigoman via her strawberry smart phone (how very up-to-date!) and fights off monsters born from wicked hearts - source


There is a brief write up on the Japanese Sanrio site here and from what google translate explains, Hello Kitty requires the voices of everyone saying "Power-the-Kitty!" until this chorus of chants reaches several million Hertz!  Maybe this video below is better at explaining it....

The video also features Ichigoman sidekicks - Dark Grapeman (decked out in leather and riding a motorbike) and Honeymomo who is Dark Grapeman's secretary and enjoys traveling in the side carriage

Honeymomo - looking all cute in her pink get up

And Dark Grapeman with the crazy leather get-up

There's are also a bunch of cute merchandise associated with the series, check out these super cute strawberry ears that you could/can(??) purchase at Puroland (Sanrio Themepark in Japan)

I think at one stage Ichigoman also featuree in the Puroland Stage shows but I couldn't find much info - I do like the mascot design though :)

So how do we feel about Ichigoman?
I'm personally digging those strawberry ears!


  1. ha! I never saw this incarnation in Japan... But Hello Kitty takes many forms. I thought (for some reason) that Hello Kitty had maybe passed her heyday, but man, she is like a national hero!

    1. They definitely like dressing her up hey! Long live Hello Kitty :P