Friday, April 4, 2014

Sanrio: Hello Kitty's Family

Did you know Hello Kitty has her own family?

 photo kittysfamilyand-friends.jpg
  Hello Kitty lives with her Mum and Dad and she also has a twin sister! I remembered reading about Mimmy (the twin sister) but always seem to forget she exists.  Anyway, chances are high that if you see a cat looking identical to hello kitty but wearing a bow (usually yellow) in her right ear than it's Mimmy not Hello Kitty.

Mimmy and Hello Kitty just hanging out in a box!

The official Sanrio sites offers zero info on her family though this great site lists a little blurb on each family member, I'll share some with you...

Margaret (Grandma) She loves, baking and doing home-made embroideries for her family while sitting on her favorite rocking chair.

Mary White (Mother) She always shows love and care for her family and bakes the best apple pie baker in their neighborhood

Mimmy White (Hello Kitty's twin sister). The two of them grew up and studied together and are best friends.

George White (Father). Has a wonderful sense of humour and works hard though still finds time to spend with his family. 

Anthony (Grandpa). He is very artistic and likes to paint as well shares stories with the family.

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The only other thing I could find on the family was at Puroland (The Sanrio theme park) where they appear as characters in their live action shows.

What a wholesome and cute family!

Next week I'm going to profile a much weirder side of Hello Kitty - stay tuned!