Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weird Cat Products no. 8 - Cat Fascinator

When I came across this Cat Fascinator on etsy I knew it would be perfect for my Weird Cat Products segment :)

 It's amazing in three important ways
1) The title listing is, "Cats Are Center of the Universe" (yup very true)
2) It's a fascinator for cats (no further explanation needed)
3) It's a diy meets 8th grade science fair display (with glitter!) - so great!


The listing does state "This fascinator is for the extremely patient kitty like Notso Fluffy--- he will tolerate anything being put on his head and is still for the process. This hat is not meant to be left on kitty's head for action sequences or for periods of time over a few minutes." Just so we all know we're on the same page here - take that photo quickly!

The cat fascinator will set you back $30USD and you find it over here amongst many other amazing things!