Wednesday, March 19, 2014


This week's cat is Shishi-Maru who's special talent is that he can stand and sits like a human :)
In the video below you can watch is sitting in action!

Shishi-maru is a scottish fold and belongs to Emonemon and well that's pretty much all his facebook profile offers us.  If you want to check out more shishi-maru, his instagram page is where it's at with a healthy 19,0000 + followers at the moment.  I'm sharing below my favourite photos from there!

 He's got a touch of the evil eyes going on in some of the photos :P

 but mostly he is just adorable!

showing his human-esque tendencies

lol lol!!

Standing like a pro!

the crazy eyes again!

 sitting like a pro

and just like Maru it seemed Shishi also loves boxes!

Where to find Shishi-maru on the net