Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fashion Cats - Book Review

There is an awesome Japanese lady called Takako Iwasa (aka Prin Mama) picked up by VICE who (if I do say so myself) wisely saw the storytelling potential of her and the awesomely cute clothes she designs for cats :) If you watch the video below I'm sure you'll fall in love with Prin Mama too!  I especially love when she talks about the ideas for her clothing coming to her from a different dimension :)

Vice worked together with Takako on producing a book (she already had books published previously but Vice made an English edition available).  I'm reviewing that book today, it's called Fashion Cats and I actually think if you watch the video it will give you a pretty good insight into the tone of the book - it's lighthearted, tells a sweet story and most importantly features lots of cats in costume :) 

 The book itself  has a soft cover, contains 111 pages and I can neatly fit both my hands on the front cover (aka it's isn't the biggest book in the World!).

Prin is the name of Takako's white cat above.  Prin features the most in the book and I have a feeling is the most relaxed cat ever, I mean wigs, hats and costumes and posing in them! (treats do help!) Prin is a scottish fold and Takako mentions in the video about white scottish folds being very rare and when Prin was advertised it said "a white angel is born" and Takako knew Prin was the one :)  Takako also says Prin doesn't really act like a cat so maybe another reason as to why Prin is so obliging with the costumes :P

wedding outfits!!!

Kotaro is Takako's other cat, he doesn't feature as much as Prin but is still in the book loads -  another super relaxed kitty! Takako got Kotaro when Prin was three because Prin was lonely - aww! There's also a sweet story of how the two cats bonded but you'll have to watch the video for that :P

There's a fair bit of writing in the book - all English with some translations in Japanese (which I thought was a cute touch). Luckily the writing doesn't fall into the 'too cheesy' category, don't get me wrong it's cheesy but it's done in a super cute way that makes me think they were spot on with knowing who their target audience was :)

There also a behind the scene section at the end, which I love!

So all-in-all the book easily gets two thumbs up from me, my only complaint is well, I want more! he he
You can check also out Takako website here!


  1. this seems so surreal,i cannot put anything on top of my cats this lady has talent!

    1. I believe she has her clothes listed in categories, those items for the extremely tolerable cats, aka stuff on their head down to items like the caps, which cats will tolerate more but yeah, I imagine only a select few cats would tolerate anything!

  2. How did I not know about this book! I love Cat Prin! *scurries to nearest bookstore...*

    1. I think you'll like the book if you like her :)

  3. Oh my gosh! the only thing that could possibly make a cat cuter. Costumes. Love the wigs.