Saturday, March 8, 2014

Becky Dreistadt from Tiny Kitten Teeth

Becky is one half of Tiny Kitten Teeth, a hand painted online comic you can find here. They also have a tumblr and Becky who is responsible for the paintings has a deviant art page where I pulled the following amazing paintings from :) Enjoy! 0maine_coon_and_ragdoll_by_pocketowl-d5cym9i 1storyboard002 2pinwheel_family_design_sheet_by_pocketowl-d34skis 3cloth_tiger_catches_goldfish_by_pocketowl-d3ch469 4Pizza_Kitten_by_Pocketowl 5Merry_Christmas_by_Pocketowl 6Cat_bus_and_kittens_by_Pocketowl 7Hula_Mewsli_by_Pocketowl 8pinwheel_turnaround_by_pocketowl-d32o6dd 9Pinwheel_Sleeping_by_Pocketowl


  1. That maine coon and ragdoll cats are so funny! Love Becky's drawings, I have visited their website and I'm so impressed, I did not know they worked at Adventure Time. Thanks for introducing me to their work! :)

    1. she is far too talented, totally deserving of her and her parnter to be apart of adventure time :)

  2. I just fell in love. So vintage looking and those eyes are so adorable,

  3. I'm fortunate to own one of her paintings, I definitely love the style so much :)