Wednesday, March 12, 2014

911 Cat Call

A man called 911 after his cat "with a history of violence" forced his family to take shelter in a spare room.   I'll admit I had a bit of a laugh about this story, though at the same time (and as someone that used to be scared of cats) I can also see how horrific it must of been for this family, especially after the cat had a swipe at their 9 month year old and their cute fluffy black have to watch the video just to see the dog victim :P 


I joke about this story but in all honestly I hope the cat gets help - perhaps by the magic powers of social media Jackson Galaxy hears about this and gets onto it!   Have you watched Jackson's Galaxy's 'My Cat from Hell'?  It's an awesome show, which sets out to help cat's with behaviours to lead a more balanced life :)  I feel like I've learned so much about cats from watching it and I hope I'll be a super cat mum when we finally get our own cat!!

UPDATE: Jackson Galaxy has come to the rescue, he'll visit Lux the cat and the story will air on the fifth season of his show "My Cat From Hell".  I can't wait to see what Jackson is able to do :)


  1. that sounds so crazy and unbelievable. I can't imagine something like this can happen in real life. fun story!

    1. I couldn't believe it either until watching it :P