Friday, February 7, 2014

Sanrio: Vintage Cat Characters

Onto our second round of vintage Sanrio cats this week!
I'll start with the most vintage character of the bunch - Lovee Days!

Lovee Days (1978)
Is the heartwarming story of cute animals...and that my friend's is where the Japanese Sanrio site leaves us with nothing more than this cute picture and a sentence - noooo, I want more!!

 Okay, moving o,n our next cat is from the series Playin' Paradise - again their was only a small write up on the Sanrio Japanese site

Playin' Paradise (1979)
From the google translation I believe, they're a bunch of noisy animals who have fun together :P
Yup that's all I along again to....Minnylemew!
Minny le Mew (1985)
Born in France, and a bit of a cry baby, this little kitten is certainly spoiled-- Her favorite drink is cocoa with cream! A natural clumsy-puss, she never fails to close the door on her tail. Meow! -source

I feel Minny Le Mew is definitely a branch out for Sanrio in terms of design.  To be honest I wouldn't of even picked she was Sanrio had she not of been listed on the Japanese Sanrio site!  I love her little bandaged tail and the fact that she is a clumsy-puss :)

Okay next week I have one more round of vintage Sanrio Cat Characters for you - woohoo!
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