Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sanrio: Brownie's Story + WinkiPinki + Spottie Dottie

This week is the last week for our Vintage Sanrio Cat Characters :(
Let's start with Brownie's Story and the Cat Character of the series - Rex (though could quite possibly be a fox - opps!)

Brownie's Story (1986)
Three friends who end up sharing just about anything, including their birthdays! They were all born on the same night of the spring moon festival, they all live in the same village and are only children. Rex loves to take naps and to invent things, Penny (the chicken) likes vegetable gardening and playing the accordion, and Jingle (the dog) enjoys taking walks and fishing. - source

Not a whole lot more on these guys, obviously didn't take off in the Sanrio realm of popularity - so let me introduce you to another late 80s character - WinkiPinki!

WinkiPinki (1989)
Winki Pinki is a cute, girl kitten. She was born right when the tulips were starting to bloom making her love flowers and nature dearly. Winki Pinki is cheerful and loves to dress-up, draw, play the violin and have wonderful parties with the flowers. - source

I love that you can pick that she is a vintage character too, actually our last vintage character Spottie Dottie is riduclously late 80s early 90s! Introducing Spottie Dottie and his BFF Sassy the cat!


Spottie Dottie (1990)
Spottie Dottie a Dalmatian and is a fashion expert from New York City. She can be usually spotted wearing a trademark pink bow and frilly pink dress with roses and with her best friend, Sassy, a cat. According to The New York Times, this character, along with the character Pandapple, are "recent flops" for the Sanrio corporation in terms popularity. - source

Despite being cute I can sort of see why they might of been flops - I just don't know what they were thinking with Sassy's fur! At least they learnt from their mistakes :)

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  1. So oldskool :o but still very cute and appreciating c;

    1. yeah I definitely still appreciate!