Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Foo-Chan The Dissapointed Cat

foo-chan dissapointed cat

Move over Grumpy Cat it's time to meet Foo Chan the disappointed cat! Foo-Chan is a 3 year-old Chinchilla Golden Persian from Japan, picked up as a stray by his owners - source

His tumblr account has helped to make Foo Chan a star so I'm going to pick my fav photos from there to share with you guys today :)

Look at that intense coat! Actually Foo-chan is getting a bit monorail cat on us below!

I have a intense urge to ridiculously pat him though on his tumblr there is a caption mentioning he doesn't like hugs :P (I could convince him!)

Oh my goodness who can resist those eyes of his!


*foo-chan love*

Where to find Foo Chan on the internet


  1. That green disappointed eyes are killing me! How beautiful he is :) I think we could try one of the ambushes we play on Juno, when she is not on a petting mood, to hug him ;P

    1. yes for sure - the sneaky hug ambush!! love it :)

  2. I would want to hug and squeeze him hard ahahah he is so pretty and fat and furry *love*

  3. Man, that is one pretty cat. Even if he does look permanently underwhelmed.

  4. Replies
    1. There is something I can't resist about the fluffy/sad combo!