Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cute Cat Dolls by Clue

On Minne (a Japanese Etsy-esque site) there is this amazing artist called Clue who makes super adorable cat cloth dolls that I'm excited to share with you guys!

Her embroidery skills are out of this World!

how perfect are those little dolls
eep too cute!

Clue also branches out and makes other things besides dolls, the bag is one example below

and amazing earrings with lots of sweet details in everything

like that little blue satchel!

and tiny little breads!

I feel the quality up-close would be amazing too

a cat on a moon *dies*

I would of been so in love with these dolls as a little girl - ah who am I kidding still in love!

I'd more than happily wear that necklace

or those earrings - he he!

If you want to see more of clue's work definitely check out her link here

All images have been taken from Clue's Minne Page.

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