Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Curious Cats - Book Review

 Today I'm reviewing another cat book in my collection - Curious Cats.  It's a funny story how I came to know about this book, Ben and I were walking the streets of Tokyo - a few years back now and I saw a poster (with that image above) and what seemed like an invitation to a photography exhibition (damn lack of ability to read Japanese!) 

I did take note of the Photographer's name written in English - a Mister, Mitsuaki Iwagō.  When I got back to Australia I found out he was a quite prolific animal photographer and also had a cat book available called Curious Cats which I quickly added to my shopping cart!

Now I'm going to come out and say it up front - I like this book a lot but I really wanted to ridiculous love it but didn't (damn those high expectations!)

 There are some seriously cute shots throughout the book - the text is minimal which I appreciate because sometimes cat books can get a little bit cheesy with their captions :P

 There are also some interesting layouts

and some random blocks of colour which I kind of don't get :P

 My only other complaint is sometimes the photos are really cute and othertimes they look like they could be straight out of an 80s factual cat book - you know the one. I think this is more to do with the photos settings (everything in tight focus) than anything else.  

I guess I was expecting a book filled with arty shots, especially when the front cover drew me in so much!

 Of course I've only picked my fav pages to show you - there are 96 pages in total, this amount combined with it's hardcover, makes its a small but substantial book size :)

The sweet photos are definitely the reason that keeps me coming back for flip throughs

and for it's price under $20 I think it's a good buy

so despite my nit picky complaints about it - I'm glad to have it in my collection :)
Just make sure if you pick yourself a coptyto set those expectations realistically!


  1. :D It is cute but one day we will make a cat book that will be wayyyyyyyyy better!