Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top 10 Cat Tatts - Take 5

There never seems to be a shortage of cute cat tatts popping up so I'm back to share round 5!

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I always come back to these black cats with great linework :) 
And over on the right possibly my favourite Sailor Moon Tatt thus far :)

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A really well done pet portrait on the left  and I love love the colours and style of the tattoo over on the right!

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How neat is the pencil-esque style of the cat on the left and the gypsy vibe of the right cat - especially that moon!

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Loving the placement of those tattoos on the left and am pretty much floored by the skill of the tattoo designer who did the siamese cat on the right - looks like a watercolour painting!

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Yay it's Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service, so cute and I'm not sure if they are real tattoos over on the right but I think they'd make such nice permanent tattoos!

Okay fav for this round...I think I'll have to pick the pink and purple cats just because they're so different and super pretty

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  1. Whoa. Those purple outline-free cat tattoos are amazing. I absolutely love the style.