Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sockington The Most Popular Cat in Twitter

sockington the twitter cat

Let me introduce you to the cat with over 1.36 million followers on twitter...Sockington! Sockington currently lives with "the food lady" but once ago (before the split) he used to live alongside "fatty" aka Jason Scott aka Sockington's voice on twitter :) Still with me?

That's Fatty below with Socks!
So why so many followers?  People love the personifications of cats...yup! Twitter added Sockington to their recommended feeds in 2009...double yup! Twitter made Sockington a mandatory feed...triple yup! That will do it :)

So let's get to know this really popular cat - according to his webpage profile

"Socks likes short runs in the hallway, inventing new cat beds, and going absolutely all-points-bulletin insane at the slightest provocation or based on internal signals that may or may not be coming from Mars.  He also has the attention span of a weathervane. With the advent of the short-attention-span poster site, Socks has finally found the home for his skittering, random thoughts. What started out as a simple diary of the life of a cat has expanded to a veritable Army Of Socks (Socks Army to their friends) who now follow Socks by the thousands."

Sockington also lives with two other cats, Pennycat (aka Pennsylvania) 
 and Tweetie aka Sockelganger (Sockington and Tweetie share an uncanny resemblance).
Socks and Tweetie
One of the amazing things about Sockington is that he hasn't really cashed in on the merchandise train.  There were these amazing pins below. Socks Army is what Jason has pinned (ha ha!) as the word for Sockington's followers but the only info I could find on the badges was this blog entry from Sockington's webpage which was last updated April 2011. 

Sockington Pin and Card
There seems to be no info on being able to buy a pin and when they were available the percentage of profits went to charity.  All the more reason for us to love Sockington! Hurrah!

Want to follow Sockington and become part of Sock's Army?
Click here for Sockington's twitter account!


  1. Replies
    1. I always approve of cats with little socks!

  2. Such a pretty boy. I really want one of those Socks Army Pins, too bad they aren't available anymore.

    1. They look so amazing! He should cash in on us more :P he he he