Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sir Stuffington

sir stuffington artwork
Sir Stuffington is this week's internet cat

Stuffington is another special needs shelter cat, who is currently being cared for by his foster Mum whilst he recovers medically after being found with calicivirus, a severe flea infestation, a heart murmur, a missing eye & a possible jaw fracture that has since healed. - about section

You can follow Sir Stuffington on Facebook as his foster Mum post lots of sweet photos of Sir Stuffington +  photos of her foster animals as well as her forever pets (super sweet family!) All of the photos I'm posting today are from his facebook page :)

Sir Stuffington as a baby kitten above and below growing up fast!

Arghhh - what a cutie!


  1. I love Sir Stuffington! That little snarl. What a cutie!!

  2. Ahh I love your Cats of the Week! Sir Stuffington is awesome