Friday, January 24, 2014

Sanrio: Cats By Kids + Nyanmi + Okigaru Friends

This week I'm condensing 3 Sanrio Cat Characters into one post just because I couldn't find much on them
*sad face*

First up is Nyanmi who belongs to the Kuromi's Five gang and is the purple cat you can see below-
second from the left.
Kuromi (the white bunny on the left) is dare I say Sanrio's only bad-ish character.  She's rivals the cute, My Melody character who is utterly sweet! There is also an anime called
Onegai My Melody, where all the characters feature :)

Our next Sanrio Cat Character for today also belongs in a gang but more friendship than bikie :P
It's the Okigaru friends!
Created in 1997 the cat that features in this series is called 'key-chan' who is a timid character easily led by his friends with his favorite food being Hassaku oranges. An interesting side note is the names of the character were decided by public vote.   I  really love the drawing style of these guys and would love to get some cute stationary of them!

And luckily last for today are the Cats by Kids, created in 1985 - vintage Sanrio...yes! Their write up on the Japanese Sanrio page says, they're mischievous kids who love living in the United States!

I've got a bunch more vintage Sanrio Cats to feature next week which I'm super excited about :)
Thanks for playing along with me!


  1. Oh my! This is such a cute post, takes me back in time. I was a huge fan of Sanrio characters with my friends during elementary and middle school- they are just too darn cute and too hard to not like haha! It was neat reading about these vintage ones. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I was a big fan was I was younger too :) They're just so darn cute hey!

  2. I really like the cats by kids :)

    1. I'd never heard or seen them before doing this post, I'll keep my eyes peeled if they pop up anywhere now :)