Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cooper the Photography Cat

Have you heard of Cooper?  He's a cat that take photographs!

"Cooper is a 6 year old American Short hair cat living in Seattle. Once a week he wears a lightweight digital camera fastened to his collar, which snaps a new photo every 2 minutes." - Cooper's Website

Cooper the Photographer Cat

Cooper hase been in several exhibitions as well as countless interviews plus a published body of his works which you can buy here - a portion of proceeds go to PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society)

Below are some of my fav photos Cooper has taken (all from his facebook album)

Christmas meets Tropicana!

Cooper making friends :)

Cooper with his cam and some cool light trail photos Cooper took over on the left!

Out in the garden

making more friends or perhaps enemies?

And lastly an awesome shot of Cooper's hometown Seattle with whisker shadows included!

Where to find Cooper


  1. What a talented cat! I love that his camera is camouflaged.

    1. that is definitely super cute :) I wonder what the other cats think :P

    2. The one on the second to last picture has clearly realized he is an undercover cat!

  2. I wish i couldtry this on my cats but i'm sure the poor camera would not last anything ahahah

    1. They say it's lightweight so he doesn't notice it but I still think he is a tolerant cat! I'm sure a lot of cats wouldn't last too long with it!!