Friday, January 31, 2014

Cheery Chums - Nya Ni Nyu Nye Nyon - Noranekoland

As promised we're going Vintage Sanrio this week for our Cat Characters, unfortunately not a whole lot of info but enough to give a happy glimpse :) First up is Cheery Chums!

Cheery Chums (1979)
Chum is the name of the white bunny in the series - she also has four other friends, an Elephant named Pam (Pum) a bear named Muu and a Pig and Cat whose names I have no idea about!

"With a love for teasing that never ends, these chums remain best of friends" - source

source 1 / 2 / 3
Chum doesn't seem to want to do things alone so when it's sunny and has stopped raining they all like to go outside and play  :) - source  (cute!)

I love their crayon-esque outlines and if you flick-er some of the merchandise you'll fall in love even more!

Okay onto our next cats...
Nya Ni Nyu Nye Nyon (1984)
The names of five mischievous kittens! 

Nya always has four paws on the ground. Ni loves to nibble on marshmallows. Nyu has a big weakness for warm milk. Nye wants to walk the catwalk as a famous model one day. Nyon only thinks about the pranks that he can play on a rainy day. - source

They remind me of the muppet babies, did anyone use to watch that show? I also don't think you can go wrong if you're a Sanrio designer and have been asked to produce kitten characters- cuteness abound!

AND lucky last for today, Noranekoland!

Noraneko land (1986)
A series which consists of three cats brothers; on the left is Mike, the middle Tora (tiger) and far right Kuro (black).  Kuro is the eldest and likes to purr, Tora the middle brother likes to challenge anything and Mike, the third son loves baking!  - source

I'm guessing these guys are a pretty successful vintage character as they have made their way into the Puroland (Sanrio theme park) stage shows

Looks like they also like picnics and taking photos too :P