Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Artist: Aiko Fukawa

 photo artforadvertisementsbookcoversstationarymagazineschildrenspicturebookandmore.jpg

Okay guys I am soooo super excited to share today's artist with you.  She does the most incredible artworks for advertisements, book covers, stationary,  magazines, children's picture book.

 photo Aiko-Fukawa-magazine-artworks-1.jpg

 photo Aiko-Fukawa.jpg

Her name is Aiko Fukawa and she's a Japanese artist who is taking five with us today whilst I get to show you all her incredible cat drawings (taken from her website and tumblr)

 photo Aiko-Fukawa-cat-artwork.jpg 

 photo Aiko-Fukawa-cute-cats.jpg

1) Do you have your own cat? Yes! Her name is Maru. She is 7 months old. Please check my instagram, lot of Maru's pictures.

 photo Aiko-Fukawa-cats-1.jpg

2) Fav thing to draw besides cats? I love to draw animals and natures, and woman!

 photo Aiko-Fukawa-cat_art.jpg

 photo Aiko-Fukawa-cat-stickers-1.jpg

3) Favourite (type/internet/movie/) cat? My favorite type cat is big cat, like Norwegian Forest Cat.

 photo Aiko-Fukawa-cat_bag-1.jpg

 photo Aiko-Fukawa-cat-drawings-1.jpg

4) Something people would be surprised to know about you? I published my first art book last year.

 photo Aiko-Fukawa-cat_paintings-1.jpg

5) Best place for others to find you?
 instagram, tumblr and my website!

 photo Aiko-Fukawa-kawaii-cat.jpg

Go check her out guys she's amazing!


  1. Her art is really nice and whimsical! ^^ Thanks for sharing~

    1. yeah I'm such a fan it's so sweet :)

  2. Reminds me a little of Eric Chase Anderson (Wes Anderson's brother). Very cute and whimsical.

    1. oh wow I'd never heard of him - a quick google search has me nodding in appreciation though :)

  3. Love Aiko! I have several of her illustrations treasured in my pinterest. Glad to know about her art book, crossing fingers it would be also sold in international amazon sites (for me that's aka european ;P).

    1. yeah me too! I bet it's super super cute :)

  4. Omgosh <3 this is too cute! I have never seen her
    artwork before (I'm so bad) but I'm glad you have
    introduced it to us! The artwork is CUTE! Xx

    1. and she is such a sweet lady too :)

  5. I follow Aiko on instagram,Maru is the cutest cat and i have Flow Magazine's diary for 2014 witch was illustrated by her and basically i want to have everything she does <3

    1. aww yay! She is the best :) She can do no wrong in my eyes either, everything she does is so sweet!