Thursday, December 12, 2013

Top 10 Cat Calendars for 2014

I thought I'd put together my top 10 Cat Calendars for 2014.  It's slightly scary when I find myself going to write down a date and realise I need to get onto the 2014 train! I love the New Year though it always feels full of inspiration and opportunities and hopefully lots and lots of cats!
top 10 Cat Calendars 2014
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By the way did you catch the segment where Ellen made James Franco his very own Cat Calendar, it's pretty cute :)


  1. I have that sleeping cat calendar! I am soooo excited for the new year to come around so I can use it. I also love that tuxedo cat calendar. I used to have a tuxedo cat named Napoleon Solo who loved potato chips and that calendar is like 12 little Napoleons.

  2. Ahh you're so lucky! 2014 is going to be all the more better for having that calendar I'm sure :) Napoleon Solo what an awesome name! Next next year you'll have to get the tuxedo calendar!

  3. awww my heart is melting! always have been every time I visit. I want all of them but lil bubs one appeals me the most

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  4. Since watching the little bub doco I really have a whole lotta love for the little dude! Thanks for your kinds words too xoxo

  5. I want all the calendars and Mr.Franco please :D