Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stuff on my Cat - Book Review

I thought it would be fun to review some of my many cat books I like to hoarde :) 
I'm starting off with none other than the "Stuff on my Cat - The Book" 

When I received this in the mail (love my online shopping!) I think I literally said out loud "is this it?" but then I remembered, oh yeah I paid under ten dollars for this book and it's photos from the stuff on my cat site :P 
(I really needed to work on keeping my expectations realistic!)

If you're not familiar with stuff on my cat; users literally send in photos of stuff on their cats :P

The book definitely reflects the lo-fi nature of the concept. 
 It's small (6.5" x 5") and has 160 non gloss pages of reader's submitted cat pics.  

Since I love lo-fi stuff, that "hey a five year old probably made that" and just general low brow content, I really wanted to love this book more than I did.  Don't get my wrong it's a fun flip through but the amount of times I've flipped through can be counted on one hand.  I think it would make a great stocking stuffer type gift and I know I'd be happy to receive it but I'm not sure it offers much more, unless of course you really really find stuff on cats the best thing in the entire universe - than this is your book!

My big complaint is I think they could of kept it low-bro but in a slightly more refined way, for examples since it's reader's submitted pics, image quality is not high, but they could of kept those with lower image quality on a smaller side - a lot of the pics have been blown up past their resolution. 

They've also thrown in patterns, frames, doodles and other textures which in theory sounds great but I think it could of been executed a lot better.    There is skill in keeping something looking like it's lacking any design skill but actually has loads - in this case it's just lacking.  But there I go again getting all serious about a ten dollar book based on the stuff on my cat franchise :P *slaps face*

Overall opinion: don't be expecting a literally novel (actually don't expect any words - probably for the best in this case) it would make an ideal novelty gift though  :)

Get it here or at loads of other bookstores!


  1. i totally agree with you with them expanding images until pixel land is visible :/ but it's like you said it is just a çittçe bok advertising a fun site <3

    p.s:don't remember of ever being possible to get stuff on any of my cats.ever. ahahaha

  2. Man I totally applaud people who are able to get stuff on their cats :P

    Say no to pixel land! Kind of spoils a lot of the photos hey but then it's important not to take it too seriously :P