Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Skifcha - The Dubstep Hipster Cat

Skifcha the Hipster Dubstep Cat

Skifcha is the Dubstep Hipster Cat known for the video where Skifcha appears edited alongside a dubstep beat.   It's a super short video clip but I get why it's had over 4 million views since it was uploaded in February of last year - it's really well done :)  According to his facebook page, Skifcha is a male cat, born in 2009 who lives in Russia!

Denis Borisovich is the guy behind the video and he obviously has lots of creativity up his sleeves! There is another video of Skifcha wearing his signature white glasses featured alongside Sky, a cat sporting some cat eyed frames :)

All I can say is we want more Skifcha videos!

You can find Skifcha on Denis's Vimeo here
Or on his Facebook Page over here
and Skifcha also has a VK webpage over here


  1. I'm chanting with you Mariko :)

  2. Skifcha is one of my favorite cats on the internettttttt <3

  3. Yeah so great, there needs to be more though *looks greedy*