Friday, December 20, 2013

Sanrio - Nemukko Nyago

This week's Sanrio Cat is Nemukko Nyago:)

Nemukko Nyago is a boy Tabby Cat, born in Japan whose favourite activity is sleeping.  His most cherished possession is his super-soft, cloud-like cushion. He is very easygoing and tries not to worry too much about the small things in life.  When Nyago isn't napping, you may find him casually looking around for friends to lie with - source


Apart from some scattered images around the web and a teeny tiny profile on the Japanese Sanrio site, Nyago is pretty much non existent - a shame because I really love his character aesthetics + I love sleeping so I can definitely relate :P

source 1 / 2
I did find a couple of cute bento's of Nyago :)

And looks he found some sleeping buddies! I believe their names are Pippi and Canary...cute :)

Sanrio we need more Nyago!


  1. diazepam kitty! ahahah
    still no sign of my letter?
    i´m so sad :(

  2. no letter :( But I haven't given up hope, there have been a few packages that have been extra slow!

    Diazepam (tee hee!)