Monday, December 9, 2013

Cat + Bird Love

Boy do I have some cute cat videos for you today. :) We've seen cats with ducks but today I'm opening it up to all our bird friends.  I know cats are known for their killer instincts but below is proof cats can put those instincts beside in name for friendship... super cute :)

 First up is Cassie the Cat and Moses the Crow, the clip is only 2 minutes long and has commentary by Cassie's owners (a sweet older couple) well worth a listen to :) 

How about a budgie cleaning a cats paws! There's a super sweet moment at 1:30 where the bird is cleaning the cats' nose and it will literally melt you with cuteness!

Okay a cockatoo patting a kitten, you must watch this one! It's super cute and also slightly creepy.  Someone in the comments mentioned the bird is imitating how his owners would pat their cat and I couldn't agree more! (I wonder what the kitten is thinking :P)

And lastly a barn owl and a cat playing together. It's like they know they're enemies but take delight in playing (or teasing) each other, he he, love it!


  1. yes! told you :P So sweet huh :)

  2. That cockatoo is mega creepy. That poor cat. Hahahaha

  3. lol lol! funny hey :)
    It's like the bird is going "is this how you do it?"