Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cats in Tights

cats in tights

Cats in tights is the new phenomenon that literally involves dressing your cats in tight. 

You can also add accessories if that's your thing :P

Some high heels maybe?

Or fancy knickers :P

Cats in Tights was started by Katja Wulff who posted photographs of her (very tolerant) 16 year old Cat Gucci.  There's a similiar meme called Dog's Wearing Pantyhose which started a few months earlier and maybe provided inspiration for the cat version! (btw if you haven't heard of dog's wearing pantyhose do yourself a google search favour - very funny!)

The original tumblr for the cats in tights meme (featuring Gucci) is called meowtfit and there also is a facebook page where people are encouraged to share photos of their cats in tights.   Katja was asked if there special technique for the photos and she responded with...

I know that probably most cats wouldn’t be as relaxed with this as Gucci is. We have three cats in total, and haven’t even tried the tights with the other two because I know they won’t like it (but they have other outfits…)
She then suggested cheating by putting a skirt over the top of the tights and the bottom of the cat to look like the cat is wearing tights with a skirt! 

Katyja and her boyfriend's two other cats (besides Gucci) are Iggy and Zappa pictured below :)


Zappa! Both looking dapper on Gucci's Birthday

What an amazing looking cat friendly cake!

And it's a love heart!


If you want to play along with this meme yourself, make sure you submit your own cat in tights to their facebook or tumblr page! 

There is also another facebook/tumblr group called Cats wearing Tights which actually seems more popular than meowtfit but I believe meowtfit to be the original :)


  1. Whoa. I need the recipe for that cake!

  2. oh yes it is everywhere at the moment! makes me laugh and for some reasons it looks a little freaky!

    that cat cake is so sweet, will make one for my cats as a christmas gift maybe <3

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  3. I couldn't not share that cat cake! Looks like it's filled with everything a cat would go crazy for too!

    Katrina whenever I see a photo of a new cat wearing tights I have to do a double take for those exact two reasons!

  4. WOW! What a lovely picture and such a nice post. <3

    Yes, Gucci is the original cat in tights. ;) I didn't think all of the pictures I posted on her would go viral but it's super funny that this crazy trend started. And I love most of the different Facebook pages, sites and blogs that's taking this further (that must be so much work...). However it's kind of crazy when some people are claiming Gucci and the pictures of her are theirs. :) That's just madness. Haha!

    Gucci, Iggy and Zappa says hello!


  5. May I post your drawing on the meowtfit blog? Of course I'll link back to you. It's so cute!

  6. Ahhh hello! Of course you may post my drawing :) Be my quest!

    That's super nice you're so embracing of the trend and others jumping on your bandwagon but yes completely agree with you that it's absolutely absurd when people claim pictures as their own :(

    I hope Gucci is enjoying her fame :)

    Hello to all your lovely cats back as well!!!