Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cat Gift Guide - Men

Today is the "guys" guide though of course I'd happily own 90% of these products too :P Does anyone else agree guys are wayyyy harder to buy for than girls and unfortunately I have three brothers, also unfortunately none of them like cats (well none that would appreciate cat themed products!) Maybe you know a guy that would though!

cat gift guide for men

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You can't really tell from the photo but that tie has a cute cat print on it!
One for the classy cat guy :P


  1. i want that sweatshirt and from my experience guys can be wonderful cat ladies ahahahah <3

  2. Rick is definitely a guy cat lady. And yeah, I hate trying to figure out what to get my brother. Guys!

  3. woohoo another guy cat lady!

    Brothers suck for gifts huh! My little bro is easier but once they're over ten I think you're doomed to get them anything they'd actually like/want