Friday, November 29, 2013

Sanrio Cats - Nyokki and Penne

This week's Sanrio Cats are Nyokki (Gnocchi) and Penne...cute!

The Japanese Sanrio site has a page on the pair which includes a write up which becomes quite bad engrish when translated by google.   The gist I got though was that Nyokki and Penne are two kittens who belonged to a Italian restaurant chef.  Unfortunately the chef also had two unrestrained dogs so the kittens left to go exploring.  Nyokki is the naughty and clumsy kitten and his brother Penne is the more Worldly and together one :P

The Sanrio site also had these cute videos below :)

I wish there was a bit more info on the pair or some cute merchandise, though it's probably a good thing, you know curb that want list of mine :P


  1. Stop motion animation + cats + Japan = CUTE!

  2. Um, omg. I'd never heard of Nyokki and Penne before, and I'm SO GLAD you posted about them. :3

  3. Cutties :D

    did you received my letter Fee?

  4. No I haven't, I hope you have received your zine! I can chase it up for your otherwise :) I know Christmas times can see delays for post though!

  5. I receive the zine really fast <3

    I sent a letter to Emily (thimble cat) at the same time i sent your and she already got hers,hope your will be delivered soon!

  6. Fingers crossed, I'm checking the mail everyday! he he he... Glad you got the zine :)

  7. I think Nyokki is the black male cat and Penne, the white female cat is Nyokki's little sister.