Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Quasi the Ugly Kitty

quasi the ugly kitty

Like some of the other unusual kitties (Chase no Face and LilBub) Quasi let's her unusual features set her apart and in the process melt our hearts!

Taken from her wesbite:

While no one officially know the origin of my “look.” The general theory is that I have a cleft lip that never got corrected and connects to my eye. I can see fine out of the one, but not so much out of the other. I also have a difficult time smelling since I have some sinus issue. My hearing though, is excellent – I can hear a crinkly wrapper from two floors up! 


Renee, Quasi's owner has since set up a fund which has seen the pair raise over $5000 for the
Cats R Us animal shelter :)

Quasi basking in the sunlight :)

Renee has also adopted another cat from the shelter, three legged ILean below (tee hee).  Renee writes that one of her goal's is the raise awareness of special needs cats, "So many animals are overlooked in shelters because they don’t look like the others or they need a little more love, but with a little patience these animals could be the best pets you’ve ever had"

What a beautiful heart Renee has and how fortunate for Quasi and ILean to end up in such a loving home :)

Where else to find Quasi
Home Page
Facebook Page
Renee's Etsy Shop


  1. Love the names. They seem like such sweet little pets.

  2. I love there names too :) Sweet pets and a sweet owner by the sounds of it!

  3. Matilde only has three legs and she's the beautiful cat queen in the world & Simão breathes in a really loud and weird way because of the pneumonia he had when little and he owns my heart... i rescue them fro, the streets because they needed me the most and they are so loyal and loving <3

  4. Sara I didn't know Matilde only has three legs! Ahh you're a beautiful soul to be a rescuer :)I'm sure they are so loyal and loving because they are so grateful for you!

  5. Love to learn about good people out there like Renee and Sara :) Sweet pets & sweet homes.