Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello Kitty Town - Malaysia

Apologies for those who read my other blog but I thought it would be nice to recap Hello kitty Town over on this blog :) Hello kitty Town, is a themepark-of-sorts located in Johor Bahru in Malaysia. Having been to the one in Tokyo - Puroland  - I have to say that the one in Malaysia is smaller but still awesome :)

When you arrive you're given a stamp card that let's you do all the activities at Hello Kitty Town. Wishful studios is home to the DIY activities; cookie decorating, jewelry making, nail art and a photo shoot studio

The actual town is located on a level inside a building, it's pretty small so you have to an appreciator of Hello Kitty to really enjoy yourself! You also only need a few hours to complete everything!

My favourite activity was going inside Hello Kitty's House - insanely cute details everywhere!

The last activity we did was called Black Wonder, where you had to find clues to unlock a captured Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel!

And finally, I need to mention the awesome gift shop located at the bottom of the building - it's free entry but impossible to spend nothing :p

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  1. How cute is this?!? I need to go there someday

  2. Ohmy! That's too cute. Definitely have to go there sometime :D and live there forever.

  3. Inside her house! Like those movies where people get trapped inside malls :)I'm up for that!

  4. Oh my :)) Next time in Malaysia we will probably visit that place :) Thanks for sharing! xx