Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hello Kitty Collection at BreadTalk Singapore

So I've finished blogging my Singapore/Malaysian holidays pics over on my other blog but I thought I would save the excessively cute cat stuff for here :) woohoo! Today I'm going to show you the awesome Hello Kitty range that the bakery BreadTalk had going on in Singapore when I was there.   I seriously bought one of everything minus the giant cakes because even for me, that's just too indulgent!

I'm not too sure the deal on these cute bags, I couldn't see if they were available to buy or just part of the shop display.  It would be super cute if the hello kitty cakes came in them!

Hippy Chic Cakes! You can see the size of the cake I did get that little kitty over on the left!

Here she is :) I actually didn't realise she was mostly cream, oops, slightly melty kitty!

By the way probably one the yummiest things I've ever eaten! I was not expecting it to taste so good! It's meant to be a tiramisu but all I tasted was deliciousness :p

The packaging was really sweet too!
Couldn't resist :p

So the collection was pretty much cakes and donuts. The donuts were cute but didn't sell me on taste but I forgave especially with that cute red bow! (which I may or may not have kept - in my true hoarding style!)

This one is called pocket full of berries, it had cream and strawberries sandwiched between two buns. Probably my least favourite for its cuteness factor and taste!

Oh my goodness it was so hot and humid I'd only had this in its bag for a little while before I snapped this super melty pic! (shhh, don't let chocolate know but the white donut was better)

A quick googling and these bags actually had moon cakes inside! Damn! Moon cakes for those, not in the know, are little pastries with various filling that show up during the Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore...mystery solved!


  1. My love for Hello Kitty is endless!
    I want that donut so badly right now :C Xx

  2. :) Aww thanks Sara!
    And my love is pretty endless too :P

  3. Mmmm how yummy! I really don't care much about the taste as just looking at the cutie pies I'm happy :) The picture with the big cakes in comparision with the little one is so funny! Btw, I repeat myself but those sunglasses are so cool :)

  4. Hey Damaris those sunnies are from the site '80s purple' I actually buy a bunch at a time because I have way too many different bags and I freak out if I don't have sunnies on me + I loose them or scratch them too easily!

    The site is really good value and the quality is pretty decent :)

    I like throwing in a couple of sunnies that I'm not sure will suit me but I want to be a bit silly and have fun, those were such a pair!

  5. Thanks for the store name Fiona! I did not know them before. I see they have lots of cute options at really low prices :) That's a huge temptation, lucky that we are going into winter now here, hahaha.

  6. The quality is good too - not that I'm a high end sunglass girl but they are definitely not complete junk :P