Friday, November 15, 2013

Complete Tokidoki Cat Characters

As we come to the end of the tokidoki cat series, I thought it would be fun to re-cap all the characters, let's hope they make more cute cat characters in the future :)

First up the 'Til Death do us Part' cat's Skeletrino and Skeletrina

Cutie, Biscottino from the Donutella Series!

Cactus Friends Carina the white cat and Bruttino the blue cat

Punkstar's Rolly and Kona

Royal Pride Cats...too many too name :P (I'm feeling lazy!)

And lucky last Hello Kitty!

Did you guys have a favourite?
 I personally loved Biscottino and Carina!

I didn't think I was a big tokidoki fan but discovering all their cat characters has really put a new light on the brand for me, I'll definitely be alert to any cute merchandise I come across :)


  1. I love the cactus friends. So cute.

  2. Even though they're all super adorable, Biscottino will forever be my favorite n__n

  3. Can't go past those cute sprinkles!!