Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cats of Singapore

Whilst travelling in Singapore I made sure to keep my eye out for cute cat things, so this post is pretty random but with a cute cat theme :)

When we first arrived in Singapore my boyfriend and I went for a walk and came across a bunch of sweet and affectionate cats hanging out in the local park.  Unfortunately we didn't run into all that many cats in Singapore, Malaysia was where the real gold was (that post is coming up!)

I swear though if you love Hello Kitty, Singapore is for you!

The cats at the park were obviously well looked after - when we found them they had just been given some cat food :)

This dude was so affectionate too, I would guess he had an owner as he was wandering outside a block of apartments :)

Kitten dance channel, yes please!


  1. Kitten dance channel looks like so much fun :)

  2. You had me at "Kitten Dance Channel".

  3. Oh!!! That affectionate blue-eyed kitty has the same pose as Juno winking one eye :) Kitten dance channel, ohmy! Did you play it?

  4. YAY! You know what I cant even remember the reason why but we didn't play it *gasp*