Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cats of Malaysia

So I've already blogged my cat encounters in Singapore now it's time for Malaysia's turn!

Our holiday was super short but we still ended up running into an awful lot of cats - fine by me :)
My favourite was the cute little kitten we found in Melaka who definitely won our hearts!

We found cats in places that you wouldn't find in Australia such as the cat above who lived at the local food court!

Our cute kitten friend!

Such friendly people in Malaysia too!


I think it's safe to say that if we would of stayed longer we would of run into many more cats  now that makes me want to move to Malaysia :)


  1. Now i want to move to Malasia too ;)

  2. That little kitten is so sweet! I'm pretty sure I would have detained at customs for trying to bring him home with me. Kudos to you guys for resisting.

  3. very beautiful pictures and cute cats

  4. These pictures with both of you with the little kitten are melting my heart ♥

  5. I wish I could take all the stray cats home and give them homes. So cute.

  6. You should visit Tel-Aviv one day - we live in street cat land :)