Monday, November 4, 2013

Cats + Ducks and Ducklings Love

I'm starting up a cute new feature called, Cats with Animals and what better way to kick start the series than with Cats and Ducks! Cats gets a bad rap for being killers so it's time to spread those good news stories  :)

Oh you know just taking a stroll together!


Quite possibly arch rivals but for the sake of this blog entry I'm saying friends!

This Mumma cat above lost her kittens and then became surrogate mother to these little ducklings :)

Okay you haven't seen everything in life until you've seen a cat breast feeding ducklings!!

Apparently (after a bit of curious research) ducklings don't drink milk (lack the suckling ability) and are more likely getting warmth than anything else!

AND just in case you need further video proof, here is a Cat and Duck friend at a University in Monterrey, Mexico, casually taking a stroll together :) I love it!

Know of any Cat and Duck buddies yourself?
I'm sure there are a lot more Cat & Duck friendships out there!


  1. Don't know if they are best pals, but cutest pals no doubt about it. Even Dani has screamed an "aww" with the cat snuggling the yellow ducks ;)

  2. Omgggg such heartwarming post making
    my heart go mellow! I also chuckled
    about your blogname :P and the
    connection of this post! Xx

  3. Aww you guys! Your comments always make me smile :)