Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cat In A Shark Costume Chases A Duck While Riding A Roomba


The name of this post is the exact name of it's youtube video - it really is quite hard to describe using less words!  So there is this cat (Max-Arthur), who wears a shark outfit, whilst sitting on a Roomba (vacumm cleaner) whilst chasing a duck and then the family pitbull (Sharky) comes in wearing a hammerhead shark costume.  There's also dramatic moments of the animals starring at the camera which makes it one my favourite cat youtube video ever! I might even go as far as saying IT IS my favourite!

Helen the owner has her own website, called Helen's Pets where you can read up on all the guys.
There is also her youtube channel where you can find loads more cute videos to watch :)


  1. There's also a video game! It's free. Play it in your browser!

  2. lol awesome ++ Thanks for sharing!
    I'm pretty terrible though :P he he

  3. BAHAHHAHAHA! That cracked me up so much. So cute.

  4. This is my favorite cat gif ever :) but don't sure why I never got to see the complete video! Today I must be sleepy because it took me a while to realize that the game was by clicking with the mouse on top of the cat ;) hahahaha

  5. I didn't realise, it was a complete video either, I'd only ever seen the gifs before....don't worry took me way too long with the game too, he he he!